Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dentist Open in Midtown

dental-patient-with-toothache-happy-that-54th-street-dental-in-new-york-city-offers-same-day-emergency-dental-appointments-to-get-you-out-of-pain-as-quickly-as-possibleDid you break a tooth? Are you in a lot of pain? When your smile is in trouble, you need a dentist fast. 54th Street Dental in New York City offers same day emergency dental appointments to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Dental fractures are fairly common, especially if you’re involved in athletic activities like football, soccer, basketball, or even gymnastics. Sports can put your smile at an increased risk of accidents if you aren’t wearing a mouth guard. Sometimes a tooth injury may be due to a simple fall, or biting down on something hard during a meal.

If possible, locate the broken-off portion of your tooth and put it in a cup of milk or contact solution. The faster you get it to our office, the more likely we can bond the tooth back into place.

Knocked Out Teeth

Avulsed or “knocked out” teeth should be immediately reinserted into their socket, when possible. If there is visible debris on the tooth, gently rinse it but do not scrub it clean, as this can damage microscopic fibers that aid in reinsertion. Be sure to only handle the tooth by its crown, never touching the root. If you can’t reinsert it, store it in a cup of milk or saline and bring it to our office immediately.

Broken Dentures or Crowns

Did you have a crown fall off, a filling break, or did you fracture your denture? If you’re unable to talk or eat comfortably, you should see a dentist right away. An over the counter repair kit may be able to get you through the weekend, but remember – it’s not meant for long-term wear! Talk to us about a more permanent solution.

lady-with-tooth-pain-ready-to-contact-54th-street-dental-in-midtown-nyc-as-soon-as-she-finds-herself-in-the-middle-of-a-dental-emergencyIn Pain? Call Now!

Contact 54th Street Dental in Midtown NYC as soon as you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency. If it’s after hours, follow the prompts on our recorder. Financing plans are available, and all major insurance plans are accepted.