Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeovers in Midtown New York

dental-patients-happy-that-their-smiles-are-picture-perfect-for-that-special-occasion-and-they-have-a-winning-grin-for-that-job-interview-and-a-younger-healthier-looking-appearanceYour smile makes a statement! If you don’t like the impression that your smile is making, let the experienced team at 54th Street Dental help. Whether you want a picture perfect smile for that special occasion, a winning grin for that job interview, or a younger, healthier looking appearance, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry enhancements to suit you.

Custom Veneers Hide Your Flaws

Is your smile keeping you from looking your best? Redefine your smile’s appearance in as little as two visits, with porcelain veneers and Lumineers. Using a customized, slim porcelain shell or ultra-thin Lumineer, your mild to moderate dental imperfections can be hidden from sight. Conceal gaps in your smile and teeth that are stained, uneven, crooked, or too “short”.

Choose from luminous, traditional porcelain veneers or no-prep, reversible Lumineers to dramatically recreate your smile. Enjoy the look you’ve always dreamed of, instantly, without the time and hassle of wearing braces!

Teeth Whitening Can Brighten Your Day

At our Midtown office, we make whiter smiles affordable and convenient. Skip the subpar results of over-the-counter products that claim to whiten your teeth, and opt for professional brightening that can really make your teeth look several shades lighter.

In a hurry? Drop by our office for ZOOM! Whitening over your lunch break. In just an hour, you can walk out of our office with a more dazzling smile. We also offer convenient take-home whitening trays. Our custom-molded trays fit your smile perfectly, to maximize contact for better results. They also offer better protection for sensitive gums. Simply use our prescription-grade whitening gel to take the stains – and years – off your smile.

Cover Minor Imperfections with Conservative Bonding

Is your smile a thing of beauty? Small tooth defects can easily be concealed with sculpted dental bonding. Using composite resin (much like the material that’s used for filling cavities), our experienced dentists can reshape and recreate your smile, one tooth at a time.

Dental bonding is a conservative treatment that disguises uneven edges, gaps, chips, premature wear, and even masks the appearance of exposed roots in your teeth. We often recommend dental bonding as a minimally-invasive, and easily affordable enhancement that can be completed in one simple visit to our New York office.

Invisible Braces for Adults

bride-happy-that-she-can-enjoy-a-straighter-smile-without-suffering-through-the-discomfort-and-appearance-of-traditional-bracesTeeth that are misaligned affect more than just your appearance! By aligning your smile, you can easily reduce your risk of gum disease, TMJ disorder, cavities, lost teeth, premature enamel wear, and dental injuries. Enjoy a straighter smile, without suffering through the discomfort and appearance of traditional braces. At 54th Street Dental, we offer Invisalign braces to discreetly guide your teeth into their ideal position. These customized, removable trays allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and easily clean your teeth, without the hassle of brackets and wires. Simply take your Invisalign trays out when you’re ready to eat or brush your teeth. Just be sure to wear them for at least 20 hours each day.

Don’t wait to enjoy the smile you deserve! Call our Midtown New York office today to schedule your same-day appointment. Financing is available.