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If you experience pain, swelling, or discomfort with your teeth, you may need a root canal. This dental procedure is used to treat damaged or infected teeth by removing decay from a tooth’s pulp chamber and restores health to the root. At 54th Street Dental in Midtown West Manhattan, the team offers root canal procedures so you don’t have to suffer in pain any longer. To schedule an appointment, call the New York City office or use the online booking tool today.

Root Canals Q & A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure performed by a dentist when a tooth becomes infected. During the procedure, which aims to save and restore the tooth, the pulp and nerve are extracted from the interior of the tooth. Afterward, the area is cleaned and properly sealed to prevent further issues. 

Root canals are crucial in not only saving the tooth, but preventing future infections or abscesses — pockets of pus caused by infection. Root canals, which have improved with modern medicine, are much less painful than living with a decayed tooth.

When is a root canal needed?

Besides treating pain or discomfort from a decayed tooth, root canals are important to:

  • Prevent further bacteria or infection
  • Remove possibilities of abscesses 
  • Prevent swelling in the mouth that may spread to face, neck, throat, or head
  • Stop bone loss around the tooth root 
  • Relieve drainage originating in the root that can spread into gums or cheeks

It’s important to reach out to your dentist at 54th Street Dental immediately if you are already experiencing any of the above symptoms.  

What happens during a root canal?

Your dentist will first take dental X-rays to examine the damage and procedure requirements. You will be given a local anesthetic for any pain. 

A dental dam is utilized to keep the affected tooth free of saliva, and then your dentist uses small instruments to remove the decayed parts of the tooth and any damaged or infected pulp. 

The pulp chamber and root canals are then properly cleaned. Your dentist at 54th Street Dental uses medication to ensure all areas of the tooth are dry and free of any possible infection. 

Your dentist then applies a rubber compound and type of sealing paste to fill the tooth, followed by a dental filling to seal the tooth. Finally, a crown is used to cap the tooth and prevent it from further decay. You may choose from tooth-colored, porcelain, or gold crown options.

After your root canal procedure, be sure to take proper oral hygiene precautions to prevent pain or infections. Avoid smoking, spicy or hard food, and rinse the mouth with salt water after 24 hours. 

It is also important to communicate to your dentist if any pain lasts more than a few days, and they can assess if a follow up appointment is needed. 

To learn more and find out if you need a root canal, call 54th Street Dental today or use the online booking tool.