Why Veneers Might Be Right for You

Why Veneers Might Be Right for You

Practically from the moment we’re born, it seems someone is always trying to capture our image to document a moment in time. Think back to those corny “say cheese” pictures, when our family and friends tried to get everyone to smile just right.

Although smiling for the camera has always been important, today’s world, replete with its social media deluge and seemingly unlimited outlets to share selfies and videos, takes the state of your grin up a notch. 

But what happens when your smile is less than perfect and maybe not exactly pearly white?

If this sounds all too familiar, you’re in good company. According to a recent poll, 7 of 10 Americans are self-conscious about their smile. The good news, says Dr. Meriem Boukadoum here at 54th Street Dental, is that your picture-perfect smile may be just two appointments away. Think dental veneers.

What are veneers?

Let’s start our deep dive into this topic by explaining what dental veneers are and what’s involved in getting them. A good way to think about veneers is to view them as the ultimate coverup for those dental imperfections that are putting a dent in your self-esteem. 

Specifically, veneers are custom-made thin pieces of porcelain or composite resin that your dentist adheres to the front surface of flawed teeth. They can take your smile from blah to brilliant!

Two appointments away from your dream smile

Once you decide to end your embarrassment about your smile, the last thing you want is to wait. With veneers, your new smile is only two appointments away. 

Here at 54th Street Dental, we start off with an initial consultation that serves two purposes — to determine if you’re a good candidate for veneers, and if so, to prep your teeth for getting them.

At this appointment, your dental provider performs a comprehensive exam to check the health of your gums and teeth and to learn more about your treatment goals and medical history.

If everything checks out, they move on to the preparation stage. You receive a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Once you’re numb, your dentist removes a thin layer of enamel from the surface of the teeth that will be getting veneers. To create veneers that fit perfectly on the affected teeth as well as your neighboring teeth, your dentist takes impressions that they send to a dental laboratory, which then fabricates your veneers. 

Your provider puts temporary veneers on the affected teeth, and they’re swapped out for your permanent ones about three weeks later when they return from the dental lab.

Addresses misshapen and unevenly sized teeth

Although the turnaround for veneers is definitely a plus, the number of dental imperfections it can tackle is equally impressive. 

If your teeth are odd-shaped or if you have a mix of irregularly sized teeth, they can cover up the cosmetic flaws and provide a new, esthetically pleasing look. 

Fixes chipped and broken teeth

Thanks to veneers, you can say goodbye to tooth damage like worn, broken or chipped teeth. Instead of avoiding being photographed or slipping your hand up in front of your face when you laugh, you finally get that beautiful, confident smile you’ve always wanted. Now that’s definitely something to smile about. 

Natural looking and long-lasting

As if getting that picture-perfect smile wasn’t enough, veneers are virtually undetectable. They’re made from materials that mimic your natural teeth and are color matched to your neighboring teeth. You may even forget what your veneers are covering, and if you don’t tell, we won’t either.

Although the look can’t be beat, veneers are also long-lasting. In fact, with vigilant at-home oral care like brushing and flossing as well as attending your six-month checkups and professional cleaning appointments, veneers can last about 5-10 years

You can further extend the lifetime of your veneers by refraining from chewing on ice, hard candies or things like unpopped popcorn kernels, as well as avoiding biting your fingernails.

If your smile can use a do-over and you want to learn if veneers are right for you, contact 54th Street Dental for a consultation. To reach us, use the online booking tool or call our office in the Midtown West neighborhood of New York City at 212-333-3200.

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